“More than a voice,
a soul”

Photo: Sérgio Paciência

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April in Portugal is a play written by Filipe De Moura. Its debut took place in Rio Maior’s Cine-Theatre, on April 25, 2015.

The story is about two teenagers from 2015 who sudently travel back in time and realise the gone back to 1974, a few months before the (Portuguese) revolution.

A total clash of realities and values happens then, showing the several differencies between these two periods of Portuguese history.

This show was made of theatre, músic, dance, poetry and live painting.

April in Portugal - Musical Theatre

The Boat to Hell, Musical-Opera

Adaptation of XV Century portuguese playwriter Gil Vicente’s “The Boat to Hell” (Auto da Barca do Inferno) by Filipe De Moura. Special guest Rita Ruaz was part of a cast directed by Filipe De Moura, who was also part of the cast of his production.

The show took place in Porto de Mós, in the Green Park, on June 26, 2015, with an audience of about one thousand people.

The magic of musicals - Concert

On the evening of September 14, Almeirim (Portugal) has welcome great voices to an evening of musical theatre. Filipe De Moura was one fo the guests alongside with FF, Ana Cosme, João Merino, Jorge Baptista da Silva, Hélia Castro, Armando Calado, Luisa Brandão and Patrícia Quinta, acomopanied by the pianist João Vale.

This was certainly a night to remember for the enthusiastic and warm public who watch this concert in one of the main gardens of the town.

The Phantom of the Opera is about to be presented for the very first time in Portugal and Filipe De Moura is playing Raoul, the young lover of Christine who will fight with the Phantom for her love.

For more information and tickets, please visit www.ofantasmadaopera.pt